Jewish calendar dating

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Each Jewish month begins with the new moon, which is called the Rosh Khodesh (Head of the Month).

Rosh Khodesh was a major holiday in the First Temple period, celebrated with special sacrifices and feasts, but it was downgraded to a minor holiday after the Babylonian exile and not generally recognized today. Thus the Sabbath begins not at midnight Saturday morning but on Friday at sundown and the first Hanukkah candle is lit on the night of 24 Kislev.

The most important Jewish festivals are the Sabbath - when Jews are forbidden to work and the three pilgrimage festivals - Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot.

Of the three, Passover signifies the freedom of Jews from their enslavement by Egyptians, while Shavuot commemorates the anniversary of the day God gave the Torah to Moses and the Israelites at Mount Sinai.

The first peculiarity of the Jewish calendar is the usage of letters instead of numbers.

If one wants to manually convert the Hebrew number to Arabic numerals, one should firstly define the numerical value of every letter and then add them all up.

The Jewish New Year falls in September or October by Christian calendar reckoning. Explore it as follows: the first two characters from the right indicating the number of years in hundreds: tav (ת, 400), plus shin (ש, 300).

The Hebrew dating on the coins of modern Israel is 3760 years greater than the Christian dating; for instance, 5735 Hebrew is equivalent to 1975 AD; with the 5,000 assumed starting from 1948 AD (5708 Hebrew) until 1981 AD (5741 Hebrew), when full dates appear on the coins. The next is lamedh (ל, 30), followed by a separation mark (), which has the appearance of double quotation marks, and then heh (ה, 5).

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The traditional faith of the Jewish nation is Judaism.

Generally it's used for religious purposes, but also on Israeli coins and bank notes.

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