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[John – Jonathan “Jon” Lajoie (August 21, 1980)] Source: I’d given up. [Erin] From the moment I met John I knew that he was the biggest asshole. [Erin] Terrible listener, my mom who was a pole vault champion she’s dead now, she would have hated him. [Erin] And he kept farting and blaming on the Asian guy sitting next to us. The dad from that 70 Show is the bad guy, you’re a huge, that 70 Show fan.

I was convinced there wasn’t anyone out there that was compatible with me. [John] Couldn’t stand her, gosh she was materialistic, self centered. [John] There was this Asian guy sitting next to us, kept farting the whole time, fffff- gross, why are you farting it’s a restaurant. [John] Why would you pretend to not know what Robocop is?

In these show, he’s impersonating the character of Taco Mac Arthur.

Therefore, his career as an actor in addition has raised the absolute size of Jon Lajoie net worth.

Yo, what can I say, its just a day in my life Im up early in the morning in bed early at night. Im just a regular everyday normal motherfucker My favorite movies as a kid were Superman and Ghostbusters.

Im just a regular everyday normal muthafucka I have a hard time opening my eyes under water.

Every night in my dreams, I see you I feel you Every time I hear that fuckin shit a tear comes to my eye. Though Im not afraid to say that Im a sensitive guy, sticks and stones break my bones but its the words that make me cry. Im just a regular everyday normal motherfucker When I got nothin to say I usually talk about the weather. Jon Lajoie's Everyday Normal Guy 2 Lyrics: Im just a regular everyday normal muthafucka I told you in the first song, Ill tell you in another.Im just a regular everyday normal motherfucker I dont have a girlfriend my hands my only lover.He became well known when he created his Youtube page, where he posted humor videos, various tunes together with skits.

Besides that, Jon Lajoie is also called a face from TV series called “The League”, which airs on FX station.

[Erin] Source: What the fuck, worst date of my life.