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Right Air (Philadelphia) — Helps chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients “breath easy again.” Founded at Penn’s Wharton business school by Jacob Brenner, CEO is Marek Swoboda.

Agile Switch LLC (Philadelphia) — Developing silicon-carbide (Si C) and insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) switches for electric cars, alternative energy hookups, batteries, “and other high-reliability markets.” Run by founders Rob Weber and Albert Charpentier.

The Assault on Cherkasskoye by XLVIII Panzer Corps on 5 July 1943 (p.38-39) Map 4. The Strategic Situation, July-August 1942 (p.6) Map 2. American Landings on Florida, Tulagi, Tanambogo and Gavutu Islands (p.27) Map 4. The Allied Pursuit, 26 August to 10 September 1944 (p.6-7) Map 2.

The German Assault, from 20 to 24 December (p.63) Map 6. The Offensive of Model’s Ninth Army, 5-11 July 1943 (p.34) Map 3. Operation “Rumantsyev”: The Soviet Counter-Offensive Against Belgorod and Kharkov (p.87) ___________________________________________________________ (Joseph N. Osprey Publishing, 1992) ___________________________________________________________ Chronology (p.91-92) Key to Military Symbols Map 1. The Battle for Henderson Field, 23-5 October 1942 (p.66-67) Map 9. Osprey Publishing, 1993) ___________________________________________________________ Chronology (p.91) Key to Military Symbols Map 1.

20 to 23 December 1944 (p.82-83) ___________________________________________________________ (Mark Healy.

The Campaign: the crossing of the Ebro, 24-25 July 1938 (p.30-31) Map 3.

Breakthrough at Orsha, 23-26 June 1944 (p.54-55) Map 5.

Strategic Situation on the Eastern Front, 23 June 1944 (p.6) Map 2. Operation Bagration: Red Army Operations, 23 June - 10 July 1944 (p.46-47) Map 4.

Osprey Publishing, 1996) ___________________________________________________________ Chronology (p.86-88) Key to Military Symbols Map 1.

acob, in the book of Genesis, dreamed of a ladder as the bridge between earth and heaven, the human and the divine.

Jack Bruce, the rocker, sang (after, no doubt, tippling a rather fine sherry) of sending up a rope ladder to the moon: not quite so far, but still a feat of the imagination. Arnhem: British Airborne Division Operations, 17-21 September 1944 (p.46-47) Map 6. Osprey Publishing, 1993) ___________________________________________________________ Chronology (p.91-93) Map 1. The Japanese air strikes on the island of Midway, 0400 to 0643 hours, 4 June 1942 (p.58-59) Map 5. The Carrier Air Strikes on Nagumo’s Carriers, 0920-1200 (p.70-71) Map 7. Market-Garden: Area of Operations, 16-26 September 1944 (p.42) Map 5. 20-26 September 1944 (p.66-67) ___________________________________________________________ (Mark Healy. Air Search Patterns of First Carrier Air Fleet, 0430 onwards, 4 June (p.51) Map 4.Operation "Overlord", D-Day, 6 June 1944 (p.34-35) Map 2. The landing of British 8 Brigade Group at "Sword" Beach, 0730 hours, 6 June 1944 (p.38-39) Map 3. The strategic situation in Spain prior to the Ebro offensive, July 1938 (p.7) Map 2.