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29-Oct-2017 07:55

(Capitol, 1995) Surrounded by fellow countrymen, she stepped into the Beijing National Stadium, or “Bird’s Nest,” during the 2008 Olympics’ opening ceremonies.When the camera pulled in for a close-up, all a planetful of horny guys wanted to know is, As it turns out, her name is Leryn Franco, she’s 26, from Paraguay, and throwing the javelin shows more skin than gymnastics, though less than beach volleyball.This stagnation results from a process whereby the power associated with CSR increases, causing the potential power of individuals with CSR responsibilities inside organizations to also increase.Some managers recognize the potential for using CSR to improve their own power position, and may have little interest in promoting and developing CSR within the organization.Unlike other management areas such as quality control, profit maximization or marketing, this problem is unique to CSR.Due to the fact that power is thought to have a positive effect on CSR resulting in higher levels of organizational activity on CSR issues, and the emphasis on ? , we would expect that CSR is less susceptible to power relations than other business imperatives.

The research paper suggests that there is a paradox of power in CSR.The research therefore has three implications for organizations: one, CSR can result in opportunities for individual actors to improve their own positions within an organization; two, those fighting for power often do so at the expense of CSR development and implementation efforts; and three, the increasing importance of CSR for business may be an impediment in that it increasingly attracts individuals who are more interested in increasing their own power rather than developing and implementing effective CSR strategy.As such, managers must be aware of and mitigate potential conflicts resulting from a competition for power surrounding control of CSR, or risk reputational damage associated with making CSR commitments but not following through on them.Thus, this increase in power may lead to opportunistic behaviour, which may result in the subversion of CSR and its benefits for stakeholders.

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CSR is particularly susceptible to opportunism because of the high degree of uncertainty surrounding CSR, the lack of awareness about the degree of opportunism within organizations surrounding CSR and the resulting difficulties in identifying appropriate resources for responding to both CSR and relevant opportunism.

She also actively engages with business, having led a number of consulting projects including strategies for generating buy-in at early stages of CSR development.

Aug 20, 2008. Popular girl @ the olympics - Leryn Franco. In case you guys were wondering. Leryn Franco 26 year old, 5′8″ girl from Paraguay. Javelin Thrower. I hope she is also good. well, she is at the olympics so you know she can throw the thing. JH.… continue reading »

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Here is the list of hottest women sports stars in the world currently active in either their respective sports or modeling. Ladies listed below have had successful professional sports careers at some point of their lives. This is not any kind of r.… continue reading »

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Aug 10, 2012. Paraguayan Javelin thrower Leryn Franco came up short during the Olympic Games, but she still holds the top spot for hottest female Olympian. swimsuit edition; she got a hefty endorsement deal from Nike. Then international attention came after the bombshell began dating tennis player Novak Djokovic.… continue reading »

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The Pipster. Leryn Franco - Javelin. playing sports hardcore does not mean you are doomed to get the last pick in guys! If you put the same effort and strategy into dating as you do into your game on the field, you attract and keep the kind of guy you've secretly always wanted to settle down with. And marry him. Yep, you do.… continue reading »

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Jul 18, 2012. From tennis and track to beach volleyball, the hottest babes in sport are getting into the Games. To get into the spirit of the massive competition kicking off later this month, we bring you the ten hottest competitors set to keep the Olympic torch burning over the summer. Leryn Franco. Leryn Franco. Rex. 13.… continue reading »

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