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Above: Ryo Kase ( In addition to Van Sant and Savides’ artistic vision, the character of Hiroshi (Ryo Kase), the ghost of the Kamikaze pilot, is the highlight of the film.

No one knows why he is where he is, but Hiroshi is a necessary component of both Enoch’s life and the plot of .

And as things get very serious, Annabel is frightened of telling the truth to Enoch - that she is really a patient at the hospital, dying of terminal cancer - for fear of his reaction.

Henry Hopper (in his first professional acting gig) accurately portrays teen angst as the troubled Enoch.

The Beatles, Sufjan Stevens, and Nico also lend their sounds to the film.

Nico’s “The Fairest of the Seasons” is an appropriate and very fitting soundtrack to the final scene.

The silent close-ups of Enoch and Annabel’s tender moments are often more revealing than the spoken words.

Danny Elfman’s delicate, sensitive scoring is the perfect accompaniment.

Enoch Brae is a young man struggling to deal with the death of his parents.