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The Evenks use the word "lamu" not only in naming Baikal but in other toponyms.

Thus the Evenks call the river Kichera in its lower reaches, where it flows out onto the flat spaces of the common delta with the river Upper Angara and, merging with its arm, the Angarkan, flows through lakes into Baikal, 'Lamutkan', i.e. The mountain range between Northern Baikal and the river Kirenga is called Lamsky by the Evenks.

A significant amount of the lake's water is at great depths. The parts with depths of up to 20 metres occupy only 7% of the total area of the lake, and areas with depths up to 70 metres - 13.32%.

The small area of shallows influences the character and scale of the biological processes occurring in the lake, as these are the most productive parts of lakes from the biological view point.

Furthermore there are corresponding words in the Korean language: lam - blue, dark blue, in the Mongolian languages: the old written Mongolian language - namag, the Mongolian and Buryat language - namag, and the Kalmyk language - namg (an old-fashioned word) meaning "bog, swamp, quag". Besides this, he points out corresponding words in the Kartvel languages (lam - silt, dampness), in Indo-European languages (lehm - bog, puddle), in Ural languages (Lampe - bog, lake) and singles out the ancient language form La Hm(u) - bog.

The lake is often referred to by the name Lamu in Evenk legends.

For this reason Priolkhonye became the place of settlement of the Kurykany tribes in the middle of the first millennium, and later the Buryat tribes and clans, and the area between the rivers Barguzin and Kika was part of the so-called Barguzin-Tokum region, where often the events of early Mongolian history took place.

Baikal's being surrounded by high mountains is reflected in its great depths and the steepness of the slopes of its hollow.

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This quite significant fact, especially for an ancient nomad, determined the lake's relative inaccessibility.

Ancient man estimated the volume of water in Baikal according to its external parameters - length, width and perimeter. The nomadic tribes walked around the lake along its shores, but they had to overcome longer distances because the shores of Baikal are rocky and inaccessible over large areas.

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