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One day, while Anouk is having lunch alone at the cafe Geoff (Erik Antoine), a former college classmate of hers, recognizes her and joins her at the table.He marvels that she still looks the same since he last saw her 10 years ago." He does not hold Anouk's hand, but grabs her around the wrist, like a shackle. She seems a bit taken aback by this behavior but goes along with it.Then when they pass through the outer gate to the apartment complex, Luis throws Anouk's keys back over the gate, which locks them out as it slams shut. At Luis' place, they have a small snack with their conversation.

This time he is shocked at how much she has changed.Sirwinakuy involved a woman "shacking up" with a man who "kidnapped" her as a method of trying out a living arrangement before the formalities of marriage took place. Some trace elements of Sirwinakuy survived to the present.This modern-day story centers on the adventures of Anouk (Veronica Paintoux) and Luis (Jac Avila), who meet by chance at a small cafe in La Paz, Bolivia. He begins to round up some items of her clothing that are strewn around and puts them in her bag.She explains, "I've grown up," but Geoff is not pleased about Luis' sudden and extensive influence on her appearance and behavior. Luis comes home with a bunch of roses and it appears that he is going to romance Anouk.

As he sits in a chair, Anouk sprawls across his lap."Vero", as Margot refers to her, has not been a topic of discussion on this board as frequently as Amy and Mila, but I aim to correct that. This flick is quite different from the usual fare we've come to expect from this company, but besides offering plenty of Vero, it also provided a hint of Amy's directorial style, particularly the surprise ending (at least, it was a surprise to me). Once again my thanks to Lady Amy Hesketh and Ralphus for their assistance and patience.IMDb Info Directed by: Amy Hesketh Running time: 111 minutes The title of this movie comes from a custom practiced by native Bolivians - that is, the folks who lived there a few hundred years ago, before the Spaniards took over and ruined their fun.I wouldn't like it done to me, but then I'd probably be tied up and have no choice in the matter. I suspect we'll see more of that in the movies to come.