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19-Aug-2017 23:42

In the virtual world multiple gamezones offer activities, streaming video, and live events.

Read 10 Reasons why Second Life is better than Play Station Home.

With the release of Viewer 2 Second Life is more flexible and accesible than ever. World of Warcraft – Multiplayer online role playing game created by Blizzard Entertainment in 2001.

Why is Second Life number one over World of Warcraft? One of the most popular online games and the highest paid subscriber base of over 11.5 million with the latest installment Wrath of the Lich King. There has been a crackdown on trying to make money with this game by selling gold, characters, items, etc. Sony Playstation Home – This MMORPG exclusively for Playstation 3 console owners boasts over 12 Million accounts.

This is where you wait for other users to join in so you can chat (over text) with them.

You can set your status as available or make it so that only friends or adults can chat with you.

Each Second Life destination has a maturity rating of General, Moderate, or Adult.

The most popular location is the Redlight Center (RLC) based on Amsterdam. Active Worlds – Virtual Reality 3D World created by Active Worlds in 1997. Meet Me – Opening in December this Japanese version will have excellent graphics. It will be based on Tokyo Japan and will be G rated with many rules such as no flying. Rune Scape – is the largest free MMORPG game in the world with well over 5 million players. It started as My World as Google Lively – Secret Google Second Life Killer being tested by students at Arizona State University.

We provide this information solely as an informational service to the Second Life community.

Oct 18, 2007. Top 10 Online 3d virtual worlds for online games. IMVU – Chat with new and old friends in a customizable 3d chat room, create your own customized avatar and chat with friends while creating custom rooms. Utherverse – 3D social dating and adult virtual world created by Utherverse Digital Inc in 2002.… continue reading »

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Smeet's 3D chat room is your online world to style your avatar and chat in 3D. Join today and explore Smeet! This is the communication of the future!… continue reading »

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Play this 3D Avatar Love Chat Game aimed at Young Adults at Love Games Online.… continue reading »

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Smeets Online Virtual World adult free online chat games. Smeet is a virtual world which offers a completely unique experience for every user with its fully customizable avatars, houses and social interactions. So tell me more about this online games world. With a few thousands unique items of clothing and other wearable.… continue reading »

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Recently Added 61; Editors' Picks 22; Featured Events 25; Shopping Events 39; Winter Attractions 27; Adventure & Fantasy 46; Art 91; Bars & Pubs 27; Beaches 59; Business 7; Castles & Ruins 5; Chat Hot Spots 16; Cosmic 9; Cyber 8; Discussions & Communities 28; Duran Duran 16; Education.… continue reading »

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Twinity is a chat community and it is a place where you can find friends with adult chats, with 3D avatar is not only that, of course. Sometimes words are unnecessary. There are several events and social situation you can go to the quiz game or the casino are only examples. Over time several couples have.… continue reading »

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