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Perhaps mindful of the tales of its previous treatment by the Vikings, the rebuilt structure was soon surrounded by an earth bank and wooden palisade, thus becoming known as Burgh, meaning a fortified place.

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It wasn’t refounded again until 970, when Bishop Aethelwold of Winchester claimed to have been visited by God, who told him to travel to the ancient monastery of St Peter and restore it.This he did, after a small hiccup when he stumbled on Oundle by accident and started to build there instead.A presumably slightly frustrated God then appeared a second time to point out his mistake and direct him down-river a few miles until he found the real Medeshamstede, its ruins being used to house cattle and sheep and ‘the whole place filled with foulness and all uncleanness’, according to Hugh Candidus.Admittedly, his faith was perhaps less about true belief and more a desire to marry into the affluent Northumbrian Royal house but nevertheless, he founded a monastery in 655.

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Named Medeshamstede, it was built on the site of the current cathedral and from there, the town and later city grew up around it.Neolithic man found this out between 4,000 and 3,000 BC when the area was first settled and farmed.Pottery dating from that era has been uncovered across the region, so distinctive in style that it has become known as Peterborough ware.For Medeshamstede was what Peterborough used to be known as.