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Gum is expecting more revelation - and hoping for less confusion. (just as I'm stretching a lot of inferences from very little information.I'm hoping that we've examined much of what was going on in Spain as Volume I was being written..Inquisition, the Spanish armada, the acquisition of land in the New World and overspending to finance such expeditions. How about WE start a list of what we can learn about Cervantes and about Volume II from reading the Dedication and the Prologue? Interesting that almost three centuries later, the pirating of his book was still going on.Will share thoughts tomorrow on the last chapters of Part I, as promised. Today we have sun and humidity in the DC area - and yet we are heading down to the mall for the annual Folk Festival sponsored by the Smithsonian. Isn't there a streak of this personality in Cervantes? Just as Windmills became Giants, so now the statue of Mary becomes a damsel in distress, who in DQ's eyes is surely being taken against her will. Though it may seem in the reading that DQ and Sancho have been on the road for far longer than that, they have been absent from home only a little over two weeks.

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Just looked at the original dated 1605, it has Sancho Panza, so it looks like there was small typing error perhaps in your edition Joan P? SO, reminder to subscribe, if you use subscriptions. After all, these were HIS characters, and here was a usurper attempting to tell their stories (and apparently not doing a very good job of it). Also, it's helpful to remember how very popular DQ was with the reading public.Mippy speaks of another "novel-like" volume - I'm going to go further and GUESS that the upcoming volume will actually BE a novel. I am looking at the publication date of Volume II..Cervantes death date. There is some question as to whether Eugenio was really a goatherd because the canon, a careful observer, "with remarkable curiosity, noted the manner in which he had told (his story), for he was far from resembling a rustic goatherd as he was close to seeming an intelligent courtier." Chapter 52, pg. It is entirely possible IMHO that this could have been an irresistible reason and the prime motivation for Cervantes to write his own sequel so many years later.And so he did, dedicating it to Don Pedro Fernndez Ruiz de Castro, his patron.I've attempted DQ a few times over the years but have never made it even this far before so I'm determined now to finish come what may.

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I can't say I've enjoyed the book so far but now I'm looking forward to the oft vaunted second volume and hope all will be revealed. I'm going to the pool to swim instead of eating yummy food on the mall. I'm guessing that Cervantes never planned to continue the story, having wrapped it up in Part I.

I'm peering down the trail for the rest of our cohort.

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