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Chapter 74~ - "how Don Quixote fell sick, and the will he made, and his death" 1. Do you agree with Sancho that Don Quixote was loved by everyone who knew him? Why do you think the delusional knight has captured the imagination through the ages? Will you share the pearls of wisdom or lessons learned that you will take home in your saddlebag from this adventure?"..reached its end just when he least thought it might happen." Had he not died first, do you think the Quixotic Shepherd would have been "cured" of his knight errantry after a year in the countryside? Do you agree with his friends and doctor that Don Quixote died of sadness and a broken heart? DON QUIXOTE ELECTRONIC TEXT SEARCHABLE // Bio of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra//Interview with Translator, Edith Grossman// Rules of Chivalry and Courtly Love // Road Map - Follow the Don //Posting urls from other websites// Spanish Accent Marks//Dore's illustrations by Chapter// Cervantes - Illustrations & Photos // Rojas illustrations// How good is your memory?However, Cervantes must had been as bad at names as I am for he gave Sancho's wife several names, until he settled for "Teresa Panza", as you all will find out What are [our] expectations for Volume II? There must have been much talk about wanting to hear more of the adventures.On the dusty road again, no doubt, to experience more wondrous dreams. Very beautiful poesies and very truthful the way he wrote the life of the pioneers. But, backtracking, and to pick up a thread I left dangling, there's another piece of evidence to add about Cervantes making and end to Part I.

Why was Cervantes intent on ridding the world of the stories of chivalry?

I'm peering down the trail for the rest of our cohort.

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