05-Apr-2017 14:07

Then some anime comes along and you suddenly claim that this type of person is your ideal woman, even though you had ample opportunity to actually get with your "ideal woman" long before Watamote was a thing.1677195speaking from personal experience, tomoko is going to admit that she is really, extremely gay (in a 'guys are only even slightly useful for fucking, girls are where friendship and romance are at' way) at some point between 16 and 20, then spend several more years wallowing in self-disgust and pity about it before even attempting to find a way to fix the trainwreck her life becomes I only fell in love with watamote because my friend sent me a link to the intro, alternatively, the something happened with Witch craft works, and kill la kill, and baka to test, and every other anime I like.1685367Normally, rear view of pussy doesn't do anything for me. Makes me want to taste her asshole.1675074I tried it myself, but I was just as socially awkward about it and she kept talking about cheese.

Kinda weirded me out too much, but in hindsight it was obvious it was just her nerves. They attempted to mock or humiliate each other in order to try to get approval from the meaner "normal" girls. Just because someone is a victim doesn't mean they're a good person.1668545You idiots They're saying that if there was a real life equivalent of Tomoko, she'd be ugly Or in other words, if Tomoko as she was was in the real world, she'd be popular Because even moderately attractive girls are never losers1675074I actually had a girlfriend Back in high school I'd consider pretty close.

If you don't like it than go watch Girls-Bravo or something.

You people, saying Tomoko is your waifu..realize that chance came and and went, right?

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