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Visiting the above-mentioned Bukhara sights, you go past unique medieval domed shopping arcades. Transfer to Samarkand and start of sightseeing program in Samarkand: the most impressive square in the entire Central Asia - the Registan Square (madrasah of Ulugbek, Sher-Dor madrasah, Tilya-Kori madrasah). Samarkand is beloved city of Tamerlane, the capital of his once great and mighty empire.

They are still used for retail sale and offer an abundance of souvenirs and other traditional merchandise: garments, old Bukhara coins, jewelry. Samarkand is probably the best-known Uzbekistan’s historic city.

Today’s Ark is a most interesting tourist attraction featuring reconstructions with dummies and housing a few museums.

Po-i-Kalan Complex (12 c.) you proceed to consists of Kalyan Mosque, Mir-i-Arab Madrasah and the famous Kalyan Minaret - a 45.6-meter-tall circular-pillar brick tower, narrowing upwards (built in 1127).

Uzbekistan's greatest cities provide an ideal base from which to explore the country's rich and diverse cultural and historical heritage.

Classical Uzbekistan is a group tour to Uzbekistan; you can join any of the combined groups that would suit you best in terms of the tour’s fixed date, duration and cost. It is the fourth largest CIS city with a population of around 3 million.

This spring water is still there, fresh and pure, and is considered to be healing. It is the hauz ‘pond’ and two surviving structures of Bukhara registan central square complex - a mosque, still functioning, and a minaret.

We offer 2 options for the classical itinerary: a short tour (5 days) and a long one (8 days). Check-out at and a group gathering in the hotel lobby. Tashkent grew to its present size mainly during the Soviet times, especially after the destructive earthquake of 1966.

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