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But it is also just good sense to be acquainted with the options before we make our final choices.It is our hope this material will help introduce readers to the Christianity espoused by the Apostles of Jesus Christ and instituted by them.It is referred to extensively in both the Old and New Testaments.Christ declared the essential indissolvibility of marriage in the Gospel.The family created by this sacrament is a small church.

THE EDITORS WHAT ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS BELIEVE A CONCILIAR PRESS COMPENDIUM © 1988 Conciliar Press Ben Lomond, California All Scripture quotations are from the New King James Version of the Bible, © 1979, 1980, 1982, 1984 by Thomas Nelson, Inc., Nashville, Tennessee, and are used by permission.The Orthodox Church carefully guards the truth against all error and schism, both to protect its flock and to glorify Christ, whose Body the Church is.An astonishing number of religious groups today claim to be the successors of the early Church.It is celebrated in the vestibule of the church building before their procession into the nave of the church.

The second part of the service is the ceremony of coronation, in which the heads of the bridegroom and bride are crowned by the priest.All other Christian Churches and sects can be traced back historically to it.The word Orthodox literally means "straight teaching" or "straight worship," being derived from two Greek words: orthos, "straight," and doxa, "teach­ing" or "worship." As the encroachments of false teaching and division multiplied in early Christian times, threatening to obscure the identity and purity of the Church, the term "Orthodox" quite logically came to be applied to it.This also recalls the miracle at the marriage feast of Cana in Galilee.

No website anywhere for serious Orthodox dating and. No website anywhere for serious Orthodox dating and. If you're living a happy life as a Christian.… continue reading »

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The Anchor 24 Hour Orthodox Talk Streamed;. Service Schedule. 1-888-MYOCN97 The Orthodox Christian Network is a commissioned agency of the Assembly of Canonical.… continue reading »

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