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Sterkfontein has produced some of the most famous hominid fossils in the world, together with a range of other fossils of animals and plants.

The site has a very high concentration of fossils – the highest in the Cradle of Humankind – which, as a whole, has produced more fossils of early hominids than any other site on Earth.

This grid system enabled them to record the horizontal and vertical positions of the excavated fossils and artefacts.

Brain also discovered stone artefacts at Swartkrans that are between 1.7-million and 1.4-million years old, and are associated with remains of early Homo.

“Little Foot” has been excavated using airscribes, which operate using compressed air.

To remove overlying layers and expose cave breccia, jackhammers and crowbars can be used in situations where solid breccia has first to be broken open to expose fossils.

From 1945 onward, he and his colleague, John Robinson, used controlled explosions to extract more fossils.

Palaeomagnetism is a method used to date deposits at Sterkfontein and other Cradle of Humankind sites.

These scientists have used several methods to excavate fossils from the Sterkfontein caves and other sites in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site.