Pang and tong dating

14-Mar-2018 00:39

With partner Pang Qing, he is the 2010 Olympic silver medalist, 2006 & 2010 World Champion, a five-time Four Continents champion (2002, 2004, 2008, 2009 & 2011) and the 2008 Grand Prix Final Champion. He then competed as an ice dancer for two years because of his weak jumps.Tong was born into a Manchurian family in the city of Harbin, China, the home of Chinese pair skating. After his short ice dancing career, Tong switched to pairs. In 1993, coach Yao Bin teamed him up with Qing and they have been skating together ever since.In the 1999–2000 season, Pang and Tong made their Grand Prix debut.

They consistently placed on the podium at their Grand Prix events.

When Yao moved to Beijing, Pang and Tong trained without a coach until 1997, when they began training under Yao again.

Pang and Tong did not have a strong junior career, perhaps due to the fact that the Junior Grand Prix did not exist when they were skating at the junior level.

Despite this, they went on the two win their next Grand Prix events and the final.

During that season, they made history, when they went on to win a record setting fourth Four Continents title and have now won more Four Continent titles than any other person.In the 2010 Winter Olympics, Pang and Tong set a new World Record for the free skate with a score of 141.81 points.They placed second place behind Shen Xue and Hongbo Zhao thanks to their teammates world record-setting short program.They won both of their Grand Prix assignments to qualify for the Grand Prix Final where they won silver.

Videos of Qing Pang & Jian Tong About Pang and Tong are the 2010 Olympic silver medalists and two-time world champions 2006, '10.… continue reading »

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Pang Tong 龐統, styled Shiyuan 士元, born in Xiangyang. “Friend of Sima Hui’s and Shu’s “Fledgling Phoenix.” Killed by an arrow at Luocheng.”… continue reading »

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Pang and Tong both started to skate as six-year-olds. She was a single skater until 1993 when coach Bin Yao teamed her up with Tong. After skating in singles, Tong went into ice dancing for two years because he felt his jumps weren't strong enough. He then switched to pairs because he thought it was.… continue reading »

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