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30-Dec-2017 20:58

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Such is the sad tale of David Spade and Naya Rivera, a 52-year-old comic and 30-year-old former Glee star who I still only half-believe are actually doing it.We will contact organizers if they have created content or events that do not align with our new policies.For a list of those types of groups, please see the ‘Which Meetup groups are affected and how? Certain groups that do not align, or cannot align, with our policies will be closed.That’s the kind of lineup you’d only endure for your 52-year-old boyfriend.

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Rivera hasn’t exactly confirmed or denied her relationship with the former SNL cast member, addressing the rumors via Instagram story. The Easter bunny and the fucking tooth fairy are for sure dating. If Rivera’s blasé attitude seems sort of dismissive toward her possible man-toy, just remember that there’s no way in hell David Spade knows what an Instagram story is.

“She got mad because I didn’t stick up for her,” he explained. Everyone for some reason feels the need to show off.” Dating in 2017: Have your shit together and don’t describe yourself as a Trump supporter on Tinder.