Pros and cons of dating a fat girl

10-Feb-2018 01:25

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'New Research is beginning to demonstrate that intermittent fasting can increase the speed of cell recycling and regeneration which reduces inflammation in the body.

This means we can get sick less, experience less pain and become less susceptible to diseases.'Lee said fasting also lowers levels of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) which is linked to ageing, tumour progression and cancer risk.

As we know, sexual or romantic relationships are a way to share and connect with other people.

Also, sexual or romantic relationships usually play a key role in our overall health & well-being.

'If you delay your fasting time for just a few more hours, you can easily fit right into the very trendy and extremely sustainable '8 Hour Diet',' Lee said, adding that the 'con' list is very short.

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