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This can be a good substitute for table sugar in recipes where sugar is not required to melt.Some recommend an equivalence of 2/3 cup date sugar to 1 cup regular sugar.Remember that one of the basic principles of maintaining proper body weight is to consume just the right amount of calories that you spend.The fruit naturally has a relatively high glycemic index, given the amount of sugar it contains.Dates have been a staple food in the Middle East and South Asia for a very long time.

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In the meantime, if you care to jump ahead, here is a complete listing of the fruits on Superhuman Food Pyramid: Eat:• Apples• Apricots• Bananas• Berries• Cherries• Cantaloupe• Grapefruit• Kiwi• Mangoes• Nectarines• Oranges• Papayas• Peaches• Pears• Pineapple• Plum• Watermelon Moderate:• Lemons• Limes• Grapes• Strawberries• Dates• Figs• Natural Dried Fruit• Fruit Juices Avoid:• Canned Fruit• Fruit in Syrup• Fruit Candy• Sugar Coated Dried Fruit• Packaged Dried Fruit If you have questions, comments or feedback about the pros and cons of dates, the Superhuman Food Pyramid, this website, or other aspects of Becoming Superhuman, then leave your thoughts below, as well as any tips you have on the pros and cons of dates.To take out the seed: From there you can put in the filling of choice.Some use cream cheese with chopped almonds which can be eaten as is.Others, for a more Middle Eastern flavor, use a paste made of pistachios, orange juice and zest, flavored with a little salt.

You can actually make your own date sugar from the fresh fruit.In any case, dry or fresh dates are always good to eat out of hand.Another typical way to prepare the fruit is to pit and add various fillings.The soluble and insoluble dietary fiber in dates meanwhile can offer both digestive and cardiovascular benefits.

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