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Ten thousand years ago, early humans were still painting images on the walls of caves.

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Whatever a person’s first impression of it may be, someone unfamiliar with the symbol probably wouldn’t guess that it means “Danger! The offending nuclear waste will be stored far underground at each of these facilities, but there is still a danger that future generations might stumble across it.

Such people may be part of a highly advanced civilization, they may be a society much less advanced than our own, or they may have comparable technology to that which we have today. This approach, coupled with redundancy, was hoped to allow future discoverers to realize that the site was significant, but also providing detailed information should future society have the means to read the data.

Further, they may not be directly descended from local cultures. They also pointed out that the markers should be made of ordinary materials and absent of beauty, lest the finders see value in removing the markers from the site.

This group was called the , and they were tasked with creatively exploring the possible reasons why a future society might penetrate these deep underground storage facilities. Another intriguing idea was an arrangement of gigantic, black, “forbidding blocks” which are too close together and too hot to provide shelter.

They were also asked to advise on how to universally warn away would-be intruders. This place is not a place of honor…no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here… Ultimately, the decision for the WIPP markers was motivated by cost-effectiveness.In any case, WIPP is not scheduled to be sealed until the year 2038, and Yucca Mountain may be operating well into the 24th century; so humanity still has a little time to contemplate its warning to the future. You can always link to our content, but if you wish to repurpose this copyrighted text, you must obtain permission.National Treasure The Voyager Golden Record Experience Titan the Bolts The Windscale Disaster Undark and the Radium Girls Watch the Skies in the Year 52,007 A. The Crypt of Civilization Chernobyl NASA's Messages to the Great Unknown How can we be so sure?This text will be provided in all of the official UN languages and Navajo (the local indigenous language).

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The waitress at the ice cream shop in Concord, Massachusetts, was surprised. "A Superfund site?" she asked incredulously. "On Main Street?"… continue reading »

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