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In the 1950s, he worked as a security guard and later as a foreman at the carriage works. When World War I began, life in St Petersburg became hard, people were starving, so the entire family moved to Pominovo, a village in the Tver Region my grandmother came from.Incidentally, my relatives still vacation in the house where my grandparents lived.She met with his father asking him to influence his son.

“We had a class of 100 people, and only 10 of them entered immediately after high school, the rest had already completed military service.

“Every time I went to a practice session, she would grumble, ‘He’s off to his fights again.’” Things changed after Vladimir Putin’s coach visited his home and told his parents about what he did and what he achieved; the family’s attitude toward this sport changed.

His father, Vladimir Putin, participated in the war.

He was allowed to join the Young Pioneers organisation, and almost immediately became the head of a Pioneer detachment in his class.

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“It became clear that street smarts were not enough, so I began doing sports.

“We lived simply - cabbage soup, cutlets, pancakes, but on Sundays and holidays my Mom would bake very delicious stuffed buns [pirozhki] with cabbage, meat and rice, and curd tarts [vatrushki],” Mr Putin says.

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