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22-Mar-2017 00:14

But he could’ve hardly planned for a movie about the two-fisted goons who played for the Philadelphia Flyers in the ’70s.It was to be Zombie’s first non-horror movie, coming after a decade as one of the genre’s most singular and uncompromising auteurs.It was another horror flick: “Five people get kidnapped randomly on Halloween night and they’re taken to a remote location and forced to survive against these murderous clowns,” Zombie explains.“It was literally something I just said off the top of my head, trying to think of the simplest idea I could think of. Let’s do it.’” That tossed-off idea became to play some concert dates in June — he’s also working on a new album, which will be out in 2016 — but the movie was still dominating his thoughts.With the abundance of streaming services that movie fans subscribe to, the idea of turning on your TV to watch what a network offers seems like an almost archaic idea.That concept will completely change this fall with cable network HDNet Movies counting down to Halloween by airing films in the 13 days leading up to the holiday, as picked and introduced by Rob Zombie, according to .Except it’s stocked with so many pillows that he keeps sliding off.

But the predominance of “one size fits all” filmmaking also hurts people like Zombie, who makes movies for the twisted, alienated teenagers that lurk inside seemingly well-adjusted adults.Zombie’s work isn’t for everybody, nor is it meant to be, but there was a time when he could be classified as a mainstream director.Zombie’s best film, opened 10 years ago this month on more than 1,700 screens — which means a movie with no likable characters and multiple scenes of murder, torture, and psychological mayhem was accessible in most communities across the country on opening weekend, just as CGI dinosaurs and bib-donning yellow blobs are in 2015.They confronted you with heroes that were completely unlikable and endings that were sort of vague.

That’s the way I thought movies were.” uring our conversation in Milwaukee, Zombie alluded to an upcoming project he couldn’t talk about.

Zombie spent a lot of time researching the project; the problem was securing the money to make it.

That concept will completely change this fall with cable network HDNet Movies. Most Rob Zombie fans might know him from his string of musical projects dating.… continue reading »

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These are the 10 most successful crackheads of all. has since seen a rise back in his fame from his VH1 reality dating show "Flavor. Rob Zombie admitted.… continue reading »

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