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This is a user-contributed, ever-expanding list of theatrical and made-for-TV movies that feature romantic relationships between black women and white men.

Some of the relationships depicted aren’t entirely , of course.

Walter orders Quincy to appear before the dorm council, and establishes measures to prevent further instances of sexism.

Dwayne and Freddie take procrastination to a new level while collaborating on a research paper.

He is unsure about getting involved, but quickly bonds with the child.

He exaggerated the extent of his poverty and took advantage of Whitley's kindness.

She believes that he will forget her as he starts a family with his new wife.

Dwayne and Whitley compare notes about their personal crises.

Ernest Walter and Jaleesa celebrate the anniversary of their first date, but are distracted by conflicts over dorm discipline.

Walter allows a shy male student to let his girlfriend stay overnight before she ships out with the Navy.Walter is the resident director, with Jaleesa as resident assistant.Ernest Whitley has yet to take a basic math course that is required for graduation. Taylor's class, and he tries to help her overcome her fear of the subject. Dwayne believes that Ron spends money too freely, while Ron accuses him of being a cheapskate.When Jaleesa disagrees and recommends that Quincy be punished, Walter pulls rank on her.