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armax ntsc ENABLE ALL GIRLFRIENDSWUPB-B7F4-XPX091GZE-V47D-4GXBHGIRLFRIENDS PROGRESS (folder)AT70-45JA-9J741JB9E-91K0-74840DENISE 100%B2NV-7D1M-K875G8KB2-VQFQ-D06J1T3QC-3386-60BMTMICHELLE 100%TC4W-3W3P-X6E9AFW8D-D9MM-CVHE8QXHY-5GA6-2VE7JHELENA 100%1VDY-H7AK-34YQWCU6D-4NXK-DKT2UB4PZ-NBEQ-ZA6B4BARBARA 100%6B2Z-2V0Q-ZHJ5259D0-DWDA-RTGYCX2A8-K1G5-FPT9WKATIE 100%57UT-3QAP-Q9MJ55UAZ-9G34-3DRGRN883-FTF2-BRYZ1MILLIE 100%23H1-TG5E-6D1MNFYJG-3MRE-8C7BNHZ6E-MU9M-UWFC2NOTE:if you use the enable all girlfriends..may to go around their houses to activate them.special costume given from girlfriends may not all be in your closet.awhile or go date them once to get it. It was the last thing I did in the game, so they stay 100%. I don't know off the top of my head what it is though. I'd like to know if there has ever been a cheat to get 100% complete for each girlfriend individually or all together.

I don't understand why there hasn't been this code out yet, as to me, this code seems to be a lot more popular than most think. do you meant that after using the codes you will not be able to get your girlfriends cars?

Sony Homebrew won't be for you3D Realms may be pushing up daises, but the legendary project that would not die is defying death yet again. Great tasting low-fat frozen yogurt and the release of Duke Nukem Forever. Unfortunately it isn't the low-fat frozen yogurt. It seems I'm not the proverbial urine-drinking hermit all alone in the wilderness in my feeling that this is a copout by unimaginative or just plain lazy developers catering almost exclusively to the online multiplayer crowd. TA&M International has just finished a study that indicates that playing video games, particularly violent ones, actually aids in easing stress.

New Studio Picks Up Nukem The discovery of the lost city of Atlantis. It would seem to contradict the notion that violent video games turns everyone into tightly wound unreasoning violent anti-social psychopaths hell bent on destroying the innocent in a delusional quest for whatever tightly wound unreasoning delusional violent anti-social psychopaths quest for. Players of MMORPG leviathan World of Warcraft are putting Blizzard games in their collective doghouse over a proposed plan to require real names for chat purposes.

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[...]The US Military has banned the sale of the latest Medal of Honor video game on all bases.Also, as you can vote every day, please feel free to come back and vote away. Vote like a baddass here: DSV @ Indie Speed Run[...] Look for the long-awaited release of the classic Grand Theft Auto Trilogy (Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) for Mac - most likely later this year.We'll have much more info and a proper announcement soon.With the new Medal of Honor game I'll get to do just that. "You're not a cultural fit." No seriously, they did say that. Every year there are a group of games that do very well. LINKDespite the fact that I have not played this game I do have to wholeheartedly agree with Amazon's Neosplicer that single player campaigns are getting downsized in favor of multiplayer content.

One the greatest things about the Sega Dreamcast was the huge community of homebrewers. They have recently succeeded in blocking Jailbreak which would allow for homebrewing in the PS3. Then there are the games that fail to meet expectations. Too many developers are releasing partial games with lame single player features. But it's kind of like selling box Mac n' Cheese with just the cheese powder and no pasta. Well Texas A&M is actually good for something other than destroying lives and careers, undermining faculty senates, treating satellite schools like a red headed stepchild's best friend with a learning disability, and kicking puppies.

It seems at that someone has partially somewhat done this. I for one am getting tired of shooting Germans, Russians, Japanese, Arabs and South Americans.