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03-Oct-2017 15:41

So goes the logic perpetuated by stock market performance.

To get back to their pre-recession productivity peak, the nation’s top department stores would have to close hundreds of locations, according to a leading real estate analysis firm.

It’s the age of the super-sized e-tailer (e.g., Amazon), and brick-and-mortar retailers are having trouble competing.

The dominance of these mega online outlets is based on lower prices, many more options and the convenience factor - sit at home on the couch and surf.

This is particularly true of publicly traded retail companies that don't want to create uncertainty with retail investors and analysts.

Although published only until 1930, Art Notes provides an excellent and detailed view of the gallery's exhibition schedule and the relationship of the gallery owners with many of the artists whose work they handled. Working closely with architects and interior designers, Gruskin and Midtown Galleries were innovators in the use of domestic and business settings to showcase art with Art In Interiors, a series of exhibitions held annually between 19. As an adviser to the WPA Federal Art Project, Halpert spent the summer of 1936 in Washington, D.

It was a house organ that also provided a running commentary on events in the art world. Midtown Galleries was a pioneer in circulating traveling exhibitions to colleges and art associations in communities distant from major art museums and commercial galleries. C., developing its Exhibition and Allocation Program, which registered works of art arriving from regional project centers and selected pieces for traveling exhibitions that circulated throughout the country. 2-22: Marguerite Zorach: Paintings and Drawings Apr.

There are also letters from collectors, curators, other galleries, and critics. 10-30, 1915 -- The Dance As Interpreted in Marble and Bronze by American Sculptors (NMc2: 267)Mar. 19, 1915 -- Paintings by Twelve Landscape Painters (NMc2: 274-277)Sept. 17, 1915 -- Paintings and Sculpture by Woman Artists for the Benefit of the Woman Suffrage Campaign (NMc2: 279-283)Oct. 19, 1915 -- Oils and Water Colors by Hayley Lever; Recent Paintings by Randall Davey (NMc2: 294-296Dec. Gruskin worked to educate and interest the public in American art and to promote the artists he represented. (1946), The Watercolors of Dong Kingman and How the Artist Works (1958), William Thon: The Artist and His Technique (1964). 8-26, 1938 -- Paintings and Drawings of Mexico by Doris Rosenthal Sept. Held at the Downtown Gallery, the exhibition was sponsored by a committee of prominent citizens including Mayor Fiorello La Guardia, Archibald Mac Leish, A. Among its aims were to raise money for the Negro Art Fund, to promote museum acquisitions of work by black artists, and to encourage galleries to represent the living participants.

The financial files found in the collection offer insight into the changing economic climate in which the gallery operated. 11-30, 1914 -- A Collection of Paintings by Deceased American Artists (NMc2: 195-207)Mar. 20, 1914 -- A Group of Selected Paintings by American Artists (NMc2: 212-217)Apr. 4-31, 1915 -- Third Exhibition of the Society of Men Who Paint the Far West (NMc2: 300, 302-305)Feb. In addition to countless reviews, articles, and catalog essays, he wrote three books: Painting in the U. Gruskin advocated the use of fine art in advertising and industry, obtaining commissions for his artists and at the same time assisting clients in building corporate collections. In addition to providing its facilities, the Downtown Gallery donated all sales commissions to the Negro Art Fund and added Jacob Lawrence to its roster of artists. The collection measures 132.2 linear feet and dates from 1838 to 1968 with the bulk of the material dating from 1892 to 1953. 1, 1916 -- Decorative Panels of Flowers, Birds and Animals by F. 16-29, 1916 -- Annual Exhibition of Thirty Paintings by Thirty Artists (NMc2: 323-326)Mar. 6-27, 1916 -- Paintings by American Artists Past and Present (NMc2: 338-341)Oct. 13, 1916 -- The Whalers of New Bedford: Paintings by Clifford W. 14-27, 1916 -- Memorial Exhibition of Paintings by the Late Roger Donoho (NMc2: 349-353)Nov. 11, 1916 -- Paintings by Randall Davey (NMc2: 356-357)Nov. 11, 1916 -- Paintings by Kenneth Hayes-Miller, Benjamin D. Between 19, Gruskin served as "Art Director" of the gallery and his business partner, Francis C. 4, 1939 -- Paintings and Drawings by Isabel Bishop Feb. William Harnett: "Nature-Vivre" (1939) reintroduced the nineteenth-century artist whose trompe l'oeil paintings had been collected by Halpert over a period of years expressly for this purpose. The Macbeth Gallery records provide almost complete coverage of the gallery's operations from its inception in 1892 to its closing in 1953. 1916 -- Group of High Fire Porcelains by Adelaid Alsop Robineau of Syracuse, NY, recently shown at the Panama-Pacific Exposition (NMc2: 322)Mar. Healey was "Publicity Director." Healey appears to have been responsible for weekly broadcasts on NBC radio designed to interest people in visiting the gallery. 6-20, 1939 -- Paintings by Vincent Drennan March 7-25, 1939 -- Paintings by Miron Sokole March 27-April 15, 1939 -- Paintings of Mexico by Doris Rosenthal April 17-May 6, 1939 -- Recent Paintings by Waldo Peirce Sept. Between 19, a controversy ensued over paintings--some of which had been sold by the Downtown Gallery--with the signature of William Harnett but discovered by San Francisco Chronicle art critic Alfred Frankenstein to be the work of Harnett's student, John Peto. The inventory records provide details of all works of art handled by the gallery, both sold and unsold, and the buyers who purchased them; the photographs of artwork include images of artwork sold with accompanying sales information. 2, 1914 -- Sculpture by Chester Beach, Abastenia St. 8-28, 1914 -- Exhibition of Home Pictures (NMc2: 243-247)Jan. A traveling exhibition, The Upjohn Company Collection of Contemporary American Paintings, was circulated by Midtown Galleries and featured in a Life magazine article about fine art and advertising. Beginning in 1932, Halpert was extensively involved with Radio City Music Hall arts projects.

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Spent his school vacations clerking in his father’s store. 1841; served as bookkeeper, liquidating. Years of Spain in Texas Dallas.… continue reading »

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