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A criminal complaint involves your abuser being charged with a crime. You must also be the victim of an act of domestic abuse, which is explained here What is the legal definition of domestic abuse in Louisiana? However, as a minor (a person under the age of 18), you will need a parent, an adult household member or a district attorney to file for the protective order on your behalf.* For the definition of a family or household member, see Who can get a protective order? There are no filing fees and court costs for this process.* For other questions about filing, you can find contact information for courthouses on the LA Courthouse Locations page.

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(There is no requirement that the abuse itself be recent, immediate, or present.) If you are issued this order, it will only be good until the close of the next business day that the court is open. Write about the most recent incidents of violence, using descriptive language (slapping, hitting, grabbing, choking, threatening, etc.) that fits your situation. See LA Advocates and Shelters for the location of an organization near you.

The legal system is divided into two areas: civil law and criminal law.

SUBPART B. POWERS AND DUTIES OF SCHOOL BOARDS. AND PARISH SUPERINTENDENTS §81. General powers of local public school boards A.1 Each local.… continue reading »

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The Violence Against Women Act of 1994. sex dating violence. the Senate passed an extension of the Violence Against Women Act by a vote of 78–22.… continue reading »

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