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09-Mar-2017 00:57

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The burglar then emerges to calmly collect the heavy safe and walk off with it.

Detectives said that his skill lies in silencing alarm equipment and carefully selecting items to steal so that householders often do not know that they have been the victims of crime.

Over a decade of industrious activity, the burglar known as the Wimbledon Prowler has netted about £1m a year from 200 break-ins.

Pulling a small brown pissed off locust’s wings off. We have an east coast tour in the works with our friends in Crutch, mid April or so.

After a lull in his activities following a 2014 Crimewatch appeal that showed footage of the man inside one of his victim’s kitchens, the burglar is believed to have been behind another three raids in the past fortnight, police said.