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29-May-2017 15:06

According to her, the ad implies that women should "earn" their student loans, which is a camouflage for prostitution, which may be an alluring option for vulnerable female students.

"Those who end up on the prostitution market are often vulnerable people who may have been subjected to abuse earlier in life.

"You make an effort to look good and you deserve to be treated accordingly. They also realize that good-looking women ought to be taken shopping and on exotic travels," the website claimed.

The same website described sugar daddies as "wealthy men of position" whose busy life and years of marriage "took the spark and the magic out of their private life." At the same time, an apt disclaimer was placed for potential sugar babies.

Lin, owner of the Golden Marriage, upgraded his business to the level of national interest, asserting that his business "does not only benefit young singles of both countries, but also submits to the Belt and Road national strategy." "There is no form of cultural exchange more powerful and effective than intermarriage," he pitched to the public.

"The historical bond and geographical proximity China has with this Eastern Euro country contributes to the market," Lin interpreted.

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The website has landed in hot water for its controversial, to say the least, advertisement campaign encouraging female students to date rich men for "mutual benefits." The provocative ad has enraged the Norwegian public and drawn a lot of complaints, the Norwegian tabloid daily Verdens Gang reported. At first glance, it seems like a win-win situation between two consenting adults.

For many people across the globe, being a student is equal to always being pressed for money.

A Norwegian website has come up with a simple, yet dubious solution, one that's sparked a blistering debate in the country. " the message seen on posters across the Norwegian capital Oslo said, encouraging female students to become "sugar babies" and date "experienced" men.

Golden Marriage recently started a "Sino-Russian Transnational Marriage Fair" in Vladivostok.

"The Russians living here have a lot of contact with the Chinese.During the most recent trip organized by Chinese agent Golden Marriage in Vladivostok, a Russian city not far from Russia's borders with China, five of the 10 Chinese single men were matched successfully with a future spouse.As China and Russia usher in a sub-national cooperation exchange, the two countries are also extending their cooperation to nongovernmental levels and deepening their friendship through facilitating personal connections. With Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui's public speech early this month highlighting that China and Russia are stepping into a new era, more Chinese agencies are catering to the dating interests of Chinese men seeking attractive Russian women."We are particularly skeptical about the website speculating about the monetary benefits, such as gifts and free travels, especially for girls who do not have the best economy.

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