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Case is not significant in boolean values, but is preserved in string values. There are three special sections, [global], [homes] and [printers], which are described under .The following notes apply to ordinary section descriptions.Any line beginning with a semicolon ( is continued on the next line in the customary UNIX fashion.The values following the equals sign in parameters are all either a string (no quotes needed) or a boolean, which may be given as yes/no, 1/0 or true/false. The section name is the name of the shared resource and the parameters within the section define the shares attributes.Sections other than guest services will require a password to access them. As older clients only provide passwords and not usernames, you may specify a list of usernames to check against the password using the option in the share definition.For modern clients such as Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000, this should not be necessary.

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The file is line-based - that is, each newline-terminated line represents either a comment, a section name or a parameter.

Solution : For troubleshooting, boot from CD-ROM (the same Solaris[TM] version that the system is running if possible) into single user mode, and mount the core Solaris filesystems under /a.

Make a backup of /a/etc/mnttab and cat /dev/null to the original.

Visit Stack Exchange , intending to see 2000 lines of output, but the command may only return just a few lines, anything that happened before the “wtmp begins” would be truncated.) Just wondering somehow if it is possible to output as many lines of login info as possible. It be nice to have it save more history of log in's.

I recently had to do an audit and see who was logged in when some performance issues were being reported on one of our Solaris boxes. The performance issues had been talked about in an email thread for a long time before it fell onto my plate.

Leading and trailing whitespace in a parameter value is discarded.

Jan 24, 2008. The fwtmp command converts the wtmpx records to ascii, making it easy to parse them, for instance, with Awk. Unfortunately, this utility isn't in the path, and I don't know why. No matter, though. I'll tell you where it's at. It's a stream converter, so it takes the raw wtmpx file as input, and bars out plain text.… continue reading »

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Solaris / OpenSolaris This forum is for the discussion of Solaris, OpenSolaris, OpenIndiana, and illumos. General Sun, SunOS and Sparc related questions also go here. Any Solaris fork or distribution is welcome. Notices. Welcome to, a friendly and active Linux Community. You are.… continue reading »

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Paper and the corresponding results have not been addressed in the. variation of the number of connected systems, updates or changes of the. 3.2.1. wtmpx files. The SunOS/Solaris Unix operating system records into the /var/adm/wtmpx binary file information identifying the users login/logout. Through the pseudo-user.… continue reading »

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