Solaris wtmpx not updating

13-Nov-2017 12:38

Any line beginning with a semicolon ( is continued on the next line in the customary UNIX fashion.

The values following the equals sign in parameters are all either a string (no quotes needed) or a boolean, which may be given as yes/no, 1/0 or true/false. The section name is the name of the shared resource and the parameters within the section define the shares attributes.

The only way to find out who was logged in during that time frame was to pull data out of old backups of the wtmpx file.

On Solaris, wtmpx contains data such as what IP address a user connects from, when they logged in, and how long they stayed on. I did some research to figure out how to get usable data from it.

The wtmpx database contains the history of user access and accounting information for the utmpx database. Sometimes a brief power outage leaves the system believing that many file systems are still mounted.

But most of the times it is just not the issue with the read-only filesystem but there could be several other reasons could cause this errors to appear.

Case is not significant in boolean values, but is preserved in string values. There are three special sections, [global], [homes] and [printers], which are described under .

The following notes apply to ordinary section descriptions.

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The server does not grant more access than the host system grants.After making a backup copy, edit /etc/init.d/standardmounts, modify the file so that the file system which contains /var is mounted.Stack Exchange network consists of 173 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. You sure it does [0-9] I looked on 2 servers that been up for years and they only shows one more file a wtmp.1 Is there any way to tell it to do up to .9?The fwtmp command converts the wtmpx records to ascii, making it easy to parse them, for instance, with Awk. It's a stream converter, so it takes the raw wtmpx file as input, and bars out plain text.