Stop twitter updating facebook status

30-Dec-2017 02:52

However if you want to use your Android smartphone to disconnect your Facebook profile from your Twitter account, you must use the Facebook app for Android and remove the Twitter account from there.

If you have connected your Twitter and Facebook accounts but your Facebook friends can't see your Tweets on your wall, you may need to update your privacy settings for Twitter for Facebook.

I went back into Facebook and did the last thing I could possibly think of: I found the Twitter app within Facebook (which I had installed but without authorization for Facebook to publish tweets) and REMOVED the Twitter application. It seems a whole bunch of people are now facing this problem and are really unhappy about it.

Whether it’s Facebook’s fault, Twitter’s fault or Friend Feed’s fault, it’s a giant user experience failure to change people’s settings without their consent, and then make it impossible to undo. In the meantime, for those of you whose Twitter account suddenly linked to your Facebook status and you’re pissed off about it, just REMOVE or BLOCK the Twitter app within Facebook and that should do the trick.

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You can stop it from posting on your pages as well.

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That’s currently the only fix.] Just an hour ago, I got a notification that someone had commented on my Facebook status so I went to check it out.

Your friends may also see the constant updates as spam if it appears on their news feed without any context.

To disable the updates, you can either disable Twitter posts on Facebook or disconnect the two accounts.

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Your Twitter account posts your tweets on your Facebook Timeline automatically only if you've linked the two accounts.

Linked together, the things you post on Twitter automatically post on your Facebook Page. Using each. Aside from sending your Twitter posts to Facebook, you can also send Facebook updates to Twitter. While they may be too. Click "Revoke Access" to prevent Facebook updates from posting to Twitter. Click "Home" in.… continue reading »

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Twitter for Facebook posts Tweets to your wall and updates the Facebook News Feed, but it does not update your Facebook status. Remember replies and. are allowed. If you do not have any pop-up blockers enabled, check for any browser extensions, plug-ins, or add-ons that prevent third-party site tracking.… continue reading »

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