Successful regional dating websites

24-Nov-2017 11:13

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For example, warm colors, such as reds, yellows, and oranges – often called a 'fiesta palette,' can work well for food sites and restaurants that offer spicy fare.Colors in the warm range can also be effective in selling products associated with sun, passion or sensuality.

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However, don't use blue in your color scheme if your product is food-related, as blue is a natural appetite suppressant." The web site uses saturated background colors that fight with your site’s content and make it difficult to read and navigate.Creams, whites and dark brown colors can be used successfully on websites that sell chocolate products.Cool colors, such as blues and greens, complement outdoor products, airlines, medical services, law firms and intellectual content.If you have a well-known brand like Coke, you can use bold colors like 'Coca-Cola red' as much as you want without concern.

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