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25-Jan-2017 22:47

“I was on a table with Taylor Swift and The Weeknd was playing and she said: ‘The thing about these parties is nobody gets up to dance.’” In another interview, he added: “She said: ‘If they play I Can’t Feel My Face we have to get up and dance as an encore.’ “I said: ‘I’m in, of course, let’s go. Maybe it’s just the randomness of it.” Watch Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston dance at The Met Ball He also told MTV: “I sat next to her at dinner that night and she was very charming. “I think Shake It Off was released around the time we made I (the film) Saw the Light and she’s very cool, yeah.” Asked if he would do a duet with Taylor, he added: “I don’t know that I could stand up to her vocal talents to be honest.

Absolutely.’ We just jumped up and started dancing – and everybody else started dancing – which was great. “That’s what she does – she’s a professional musician and I’m an actor.

After the night, Tom described Taylor as “very charming” and added: “She is amazing.” Within a month her previously rock solid romance with Calvin, who had described their relationship as “magical”, was over.The next day a source close to the couple told The Sun: “She discovered that they were on different paths in the last few weeks.“It wasn’t that they weren’t happy, but when she began raising the subject of their future it became clear they were not wanting the same thing at the same time.” Incorrect reports suggested Calvin had become “intimidated” by Taylor’s international success.She then grips her new lover around the waist as they continue their romantic afternoon.

Taylor and Tom formed an instant connection after meeting at New York’s star studded Met Gala on May 4 where they were sat next to each other at dinner.“They looked like any young couple madly in love without a care in the world.” A source close to Taylor last night revealed: "Tom has been courting Taylor since they met - he sent her flowers.She's been won over." In a video released shortly after the pictures were taken, Calvin Harris was all smiles as he was asked about his ex - insisting she was 'doing her thing'.The DJ was admitted to hospital but left as no private rooms were available.