Teen flirting dating advice

15-Jan-2018 20:50

The question is whether it’s serving your larger purpose. You can protest men who ask for more photos by refusing to play along with their request.You can write off all men who ask for more photos by assuming they’re all shallow, which is partially true.I have guy friends who don’t see it from my point of view. But there’s always an issue between how the world works and how we want the world to work.That they’ve been duped in the past and women trick them with angles and lighting. I’m sure I’m not the only woman that feels this way! I wince when they ask me to send a “body shot.” I hate to think a date rides on how my body looks from this or that angle.

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But the pattern is that they don’t stop demanding more.

Don’t you expect that the men have posted recent pictures that honestly reflect what they look like? If a man asks for more pics after you have posted the extra pics, I’d “next” him and move on because we’re getting into creeper territory.

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