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As the firing temperature of ceramics is usually exceeding 600°, this means the stored radiation energy is reset to zero at the time when a ceramic item is fired in the kiln, and the radiation energy starts accumulating anew from this point.Thermoluminescence (or TL) dating uses this principle, measuring the emitted light glow to determine the period of time that passed since an item was fired.The intensity of the light is proportional to the time during which natural radiation energy accumulated in the substance.

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The ancient piece : (a) is way above the background (c), and approximately midway between background and (b) The modern piece : (a) is only just above the background (c) and way below (b) Porcelain and certain other types of clay cannot be tested using the fine-grain method. The TL reader is programmed to measure changes in the 110C peak of quartz (the pre-dose peak) in the clay.The samples are heated and the data appears as a graph of TL against temperature, called a glow-curve.The samples are irradiated in the laboratory with a known radiation dose and heated to produce another glow-curve.However, as soon as a way is found to accurately "add" the proper radiation dose, the thermoluminescence dating method is not reliable anymore.

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However, it appears that thermoluminescence dating is feasible only for porcelain of an age that is in the hundreds, or thousands of years.

These in turn are present in the materials used for making ceramics.