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One of the arguments reason for having a separate thesaurus is to ensure consistency of synonyms.At the moment, words with lots and lots of synonyms, especially slang terms, have in their entries variable numbers of these synonyms listed.For example, a word with n synonyms would, ideally, have n – 1 synonyms listed at each of the n entries for these words.In practice, we have somewhat less than n – 1 synonyms in the lists (in some cases, none at all).Synonyms and antonyms will therefore need to be inline with the specific definitions. --mav I did create a test page for an idea i have suggested before: Thesaurus: Dog.-fonzy "Idea" maybe there can be 2 different sections of wiktionary, Dog for the dictionary, and Dog for the thesaurus.This is a page of past discussions on Wikisaurus, starting in 20, getting more traffic in 2004, with most discussion ended by the end of 2006. For further discussions about Wikisaurus, see Wiktionary: Wikisaurus#Discussion.

Axel Boldt Jun 24, 2003 (UTC) The Visual Thesaurus is based on Word Net and it shows, I think, 14 different relationships including part of, member of, made of and other amazing connections that no thesaurus gives.First of all a thesaurus links between definitions and not between words (as mentioned above).Secondly you should agree on the kind of relationships: Everything more is too complicated (see w: Word Net) and leads to a wikithesaurus which is not a wiktionary anymore.Who is the final arbiter of what the Wiktionary project is about ??

--Richardb , (UTC) No one particular person - we tend to thrash things out in the beer parlour and come to some sort of agreement, especially on major changes such as this one.We already have it to a very small extent with the translations - when YYY means exactly the same as XXX, and XXX is the more common term, I routinely add add "see XXX" instead of providing translations.Again, this helps to keep things consistent and more easily maintainable.(Obviously, if you clarify that, then my other points are moot.Peace.--Maveric149 The Thesaurus section is a great idea by doing it the way you have suggested, but the translation needs to be thought about.

I'm going into this horrible level of detail because I have never seen an online thesaurus, whether on the web or integrated into a word processor, that was as useful as a paper thesaurus. Most online versions let you type in a word, and present you with either a single list of synonyms, or a list of categories that you can drill.… continue reading »

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Type a term in Find Term and click Search or hit Enter/Return to launch the search. 2. You may also search for words in the Note. You may indicate if you wish to use AND or OR between the term and the note. 3. To clear the form, click Clear. Example. 4. You may browse by clicking Browse the AAT hierarchies. 5. You may.… continue reading »

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My Account. Administrator users have access to the My Account portal which has information about your subscription, allows you to update contact/billing details and access usage stats. You can access this portal at any time, regardless of whether you are connected to the company network or not. To access My Account.… continue reading »

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