Tips on dating russian girls

20-Jan-2017 14:25

” They are unsure what to answer to your email, if they feel attracted to you and would love to continue communication.

They are afraid to say something wrong that could turn you off.

The best would be to take a new picture Read her profile and compose something original only for her.

I always know when a message is prewritten—it’s too vague, you know immediately it could be sent to dozens of other people.

When Slavic women see lengthy sagas, it’s too hard work for them to read and translate, and they may decide you are a bore. If you have already exchanged a few communications back and forth, she will trust you more and won’t get easily offended, but in the initial stage she hasn’t invested anything into your relationship—it’s painless for her to discard.

If unsure, delete it and talk about it later, when you both learn to trust each other.

Don’t list too many queries at once, as it would sound like an interrogation.