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We want to save you the hardship and give you an easy to follow list for a UK company or business to register your business with.Below is a competent list of business directories that are entirely free to register with, they have proven to still provide useful traffic at a free price so do not wait further, get registering with them now!What is unique about this particular directory is that they have over 200 employees that verify most of the submitted data manually meaning they keep the directories up to date the Alexa rank will only improve. Freeindex – This website is on the rise in popularity and trust.This directory allows you to add reviews from your customers which will rank you in accordance with how good your services are.

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I get the "error: Updating the following directories would lose untracked files in it:" message.I have two different repositories, which I'll call "good" and "abc".I'm trying to merge them into a parent repository following the procedure described here, in order to keep the original histories.So the question is, what could possibly be wrong with this repository to cause this error? The full sequence of commands and output can be seen below: :~$ mkdir gitexp :~$ cd gitexp/ :~/gitexp$ git clone Cloning into 'good'... remote: Total 770 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 770 Receiving objects: 100% (770/770), 3.84 Mi B | 898.00 Ki B/s, done. :~/gitexp$ git clone Cloning into 'abc'... :~/gitexp$ git init Initialized empty Git repository in /home/nagev/gitexp/.git/ :~/gitexp$ git pull abc/ remote: Counting objects: 237, done. remote: Total 237 (delta 129), reused 161 (delta 129) Receiving objects: 100% (237/237), 54.99 Ki B | 0 bytes/s, done. From abc * branch HEAD - FETCH_HEAD error: Updating the following directories would lose untracked files in it: abc/abc Aborting :~/gitexp$ cd abc/ :~/gitexp/abc$ tree .