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Abgklsttherefore: any kind of singing, even for ones husband is notallowed.I know there is no point as he isseeing someone else.Aanswer: if it does not reach to the level of being considered as vainand futile, then it is not a problem.Rather, in mostoccasions, if a woman is reciting something in the presence of a manand he is listening to it, it will lead to corruption; thus it is notpermitted.Its a simple acceleration (or compression)of the decision process. Banswer: ghina is a sound in which the tone comes from the throat whichthe common people refer to as singing, and it causes excitement in theperson, and is suitable for gatherings of vain and futileentertainment.Agklstif it leads to corruption, then it is not permitted.2530 (Dunya's Deflorati…): sexy ben (Defloration of an…): Nicce good wiish to fuck also.

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Abklmttherefore: to look at the bride, even if it is without the intentionof lust, is not allowed, even if it may be just to congratulate her,bid her farewell oraccording to ihtiyat wajib, it is not allowed for non-mahram men tolook at so much as the face and hands of non-mahram women, whetherthey have zinat on or not.

S326 rule: shaving off a part of the beard has the same ruling asshaving off the entire beard.