Updating firmware on airport express

25-Oct-2017 17:51

Removal of the logic board is not strictly necessary to access the debug header, though it may make soldering to the test pads easier.

I found two previous teardowns of the 2nd Generation Air Port Express.

However, it seems only a few clips are necessary to hold the bottom panel on securely when reassembling the unit.

A quick disassembly guide follows: There are two tabs on the bottom panel on the side closest to the rear ports.

Out of the desire to explore something yet unknown, I picked up a couple of routers.

This post documents some of my findings and thoughts on what could be done next with these devices.

updating firmware on airport express-78

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The second device I tried came apart with much less trouble with the help of an i Sesamo opening tool.

I currently only possess the 2nd Generation N model of the Air Port Express; more posts may come when I’ve acquired more hardware to investigate.

Getting inside the Air Port Express itself was tricky.

I performed a capture while toggling the output for confirmation: Despite configuring all four GPIOs as outputs, only TDO responded with any change of output.

To test the other three pads, I pulled each of them up by connecting them to VCC through a 10kΩ resistor.

Noticably absent was one from i Fixit, who performed teardowns of several other devices in the Air Port family.

Hi all, Just a warning, I found that after updating my Airport Extreme I have the 11n version without gigabit and Express to 7.41 the performance fell flat. I… continue reading »

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