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19-Jul-2017 09:49

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Remember, Project Fi is month to month, so you can jump on and off the service as you please.

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We reached out to Project Fi and heard the same well-intentioned line everyone eventually received; nothing to announce, Google understands the situation, pair of aces in the wrong places and all that.Before the update, users with a Project Fi-issued phone number were able to install the Google Voice app on a different phone or a tablet so sending and receiving SMS was available using the Fi number and calls would come in or could be made using the Fi number.This update takes that option away, leaving Hangouts as the only method to use one number across different devices.Still, we expect they have some plan in mind for folks paying them to use Project Fi.

Google Voice has been a favorite for many since it was Grand Central and is still a great way to have a second number or use the same number everywhere. News that Google was finally pushing Project Fi invites to a handful of people led to a whole lot of users asking those lucky enough to get in on the action what the experience was like.If you want access to your old Google Voice information, like call history and old voicemail, there's a button to do exactly that inside the Project Fi web interface. If anything, Google is doing what folks have been begging them to do for well over a year now by bringing Voice into the modern era and tacking new features onto it.If you're only casually interested in Fi and don't want to move your Voice account over, you can use another Gmail account and get a fresh number generated. Set it up with conditional call forwarding with your carrier and you'll be set. I think maybe the new Google Voice update broke something?