Updating old quicken files

26-Oct-2017 05:10

However, customers have long complained about customer service issues, bank synchronization problems and lack of substantial new features.

Quicken is the granddaddy of personal finance software, and it’s the product users love to hate.

I had every bank account, credit card, asset, retirement, investment and liability linked to the software.

So to say I’m a power-user of this product would be an understatement.

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To be fully transparent to our readers, I no longer use Quicken on a daily basis and have switched to using Personal Capital instead.

I don’t know about your specific situation, but the value added by using Quicken is easily 10 times more than that amount paid — warts and all.

Jan 4, 2018. Learn how to convert your older Quicken data file to work in your newer version of Quicken. When you open your Quicken data file in a new version of Quicken, your data file is updated to work with the newer program's architecture. We call this converting your software. You can also "convert" your data from.… continue reading »

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Dec 11, 2017. Quicken for Mac products older than 2007 are not supported for conversion; however, if you have a data file from an older version of Quicken for Mac, you can attempt to update to the latest Mac version. Install the latest version of Quicken for Mac; Select the Start from a Quicken Mac 2007 file option, even if.… continue reading »

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Updated September 01, 2017. OK, you've downloaded Quicken. So now where's the install file located? Where did it go on your computer after you downloaded it? You know that you should always write down where you're saving files on your computer as soon as you download them, but no one's perfect. If you bought and.… continue reading »

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Days ago. Existing users of earlier versions who still want to use Quicken should probably upgrade to this version, as it does improve some of the previous annoyances. Hopefully, Quicken did not introduce new bugs in the process. Typically with Quicken, it takes a few upgrades to fix any of the bugs missed during.… continue reading »

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Oct 26, 2017. I am upgrading my computer from Windows 7 to a new computer and Windows 10. I will need to upgrade my Quicken from 2004 version to a 2017 or 2018 versio. I can restore my file from an old backup, but it keeps reverting back to the old file when I close Quicken. What a mess. Should I use a very old.… continue reading »

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