Updating subclipse

12-Aug-2017 10:37

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Since you have no idea what this is, choose Simple At this point, we’ve installed Subclipse successfully, which added support for Subversion servers to our Eclipse setup, and we’ve tested Subclipse by downloading the current Subclipse source code from the repository.Now we should look at doing something with our own code and our own Subversion repository.It’s always nice to test a new feature once you’ve finished the installation; we’ll try checking out a copy of Subclipse from their Subversion repository to make sure it’s been properly installed.From Eclipse’s File menu, choose Import to display the import manager (see Figure 7).The next dialog (see Figure 13) lets you choose an existing repository location, or you can create a new one.

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One of the key features of a version-control system is the ability for other developers to continue development and commit their changes whenever they’re ready.If the Next button is disabled, switch to the Use existing repository location option, then back to Create a new repository locationto enable the Next button.In the next section (see Figure 9), add the repository URL ( for the user ID and a space for the password, check the Save Password box, and click OK.We’ll use this to add the Subclipse update site to the list.