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19-Sep-2017 16:57

Conversion operations between time zones (such as between UTC and local time, or between one time zone and another) take daylight saving time into account, but arithmetic and comparison operations do not.The structure itself offers limited support for converting from one time zone to another.You can use the To Local Time method to convert UTC to local time, or you can use the To Universal Time method to convert from local time to UTC.

Local time is appropriate for display in user interfaces of desktop applications.

The Kind field is used when performing time conversions between time zones, but not for time comparisons or arithmetic.

The value of the Kind field can be obtained with the field and the number of minutes by which that date and time differs from UTC in a private Int16 field.

If the value of the outer loop counter is 10, a call to the Thread Sleep method introduces a five millisecond delay.

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As the output from the example shows, the number of milliseconds in returned by the Date Time. Milliseconds property changed only after the call to Thread array.

equivalent using the specified array of formats, culture-specific format information, and style.

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