Updating system time

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You can use the To Local Time method to convert UTC to local time, or you can use the To Universal Time method to convert from local time to UTC.However, a full set of time zone conversion methods is available in the Time Zone Info class.The Kind field is used when performing time conversions between time zones, but not for time comparisons or arithmetic.The value of the Kind field can be obtained with the field and the number of minutes by which that date and time differs from UTC in a private Int16 field.The method returns a value that indicates whether the conversion succeeded.equivalent using the specified array of formats, culture-specific format information, and style. E.) in the Gregorian Calendar calendar (excluding ticks that would be added by leap seconds).Using these methods, you can convert the time in any one of the world's time zones to the time in any other time zone.Calculations and comparisons of member implicitly uses the Gregorian calendar to perform its operation, with the exception of constructors that specify a calendar, and methods with a parameter derived from IFormat Provider, such as System.

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value type represents dates and times with values ranging from (midnight), January 1, 0001 Anno Domini (Common Era) through P. Formatting is the process of converting a value to its string representation.

Globalization value to its string representation is a formatting operation; for more information about formatting, see Date Time values and their string representations.

The process of converting the string representation of a date and time to a property are dependent on the system clock, which on Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems has a resolution of approximately 15 milliseconds.

The output from the example shows that the parsing method was able to successfully convert each of the culture-specific date and time strings. The Try Parse and Try Parse Exact methods return a Boolean value that indicates whether the conversion succeeded or failed.

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Because the parsing operation for date and time strings, particularly if strings are input by users, tends to have a high failure rate, and because exception handling is expensive, you should use the Try Parse or Try Parse Exact methods in scenarios where performance is important or conversions are subject to a high rate of failure.

The following example uses the Date Time method to generate an array of date and time strings.