Updating wireless drivers

28-Dec-2017 09:10

Support for features of the laptop which ACPI has lacked was initially provided by an easy slow down manager kernel module, which was eventually merged to the kernel under the name samsung-laptop.c.

As can be seen on line 725 of the source, this driver uses SMI calls (via an interface called SABI) to set the backlight level, change performance mode (this actually changes just the fan speed) and control the wireless card power.

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They are quite trivial to fix just by looking at error messages and ACPI specification; this Gentoo forum thread has some pointers as well.Hopefully, in this case SMI calls probably just change a byte or two, and it may be possible to determine their locations without examining SMM code itself. There are plenty of them, but we need one called To ease the demonstration, I’ve uploaded the table on github; initial state can be checked out here.As you can see, the table is quite big at more than 5000 lines; tables more than 25000 lines long are not uncommon.Note that while the manual is older than my notebook, the latter has roughly same quirks as described (and fixes do work, too). My netbook has LED backlight, which means that its brightness could be controlled simply by keeping it on for a known part of time, e.g.

to dim it by 30% one could keep it on just for 70% of time.First of all, ACPI is a generic management interface which controls a lot of hardware functions on modern computers ranging from power and battery control to detecting external displays.It consists of a several configuration , one of which contains code for a virtual machine to be executed by an operating system kernel.In addition to updating your Windows 7, XP and Vista drivers, the software will also download and update your drivers for external devices such as scanners, printers, cameras, hard drives, DVD, video, graphics, USB, wireless and other hardware devices.

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