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30-Jun-2017 06:53

Through in-depth interviews and analyzing profiles on a top gay personal Web site, I show how gay men numerically discuss and compare bodies online.Bolstered by Connell’s concepts of hegemonic masculinity and cathexis, I reveal how this quantification of bodies leads to the valuing and desiring of fit bodies and discriminating against fat bodies in cyberspace and off-line.Existing research on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) youth homelessness identifies family rejection as a main pathway into homelessness for the youth.This finding, however, can depict people of color or poor people as more prejudiced than White, middle-class families.The gay men also avoid interactions with HIV-positive people, maintaining the stigmatization of HIV-positive people and constructing an HIV-positive serostatus as a status distinction.However, although the HIV-negative gay men are often invested in doing sexual responsibility, they eschew condom use with people they trust.

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In female same-sex couples, gender and its relation to power inequalities may carry less meaning.

With both US-based and transnational cases, this book presents an empirical grounding for understanding how race and sexuality are mutually constitutive categories.

Jul 23, 2013. We used mixed methods research to strengthen a community support group intervention for HIV positive young people based in Harare, Zimbabwe. However, to date few HIV prevention interventions have included a mental health component and even fewer of these have been conducted in.… continue reading »

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