Views on interacial dating

02-Jul-2017 17:09

Results for the sample of 807 non-Hispanic whites, aged 18 and older, are based on telephone interviews conducted June 6-25, 2005.For results based on the total sample, one can say with 95% confidence that the margin of sampling error is ±7 percentage points.White men (48%) are about as likely as white women (43%) to have dated a nonwhite.That general pattern holds when looking at the data in more detail -- black men are much more likely than black women to say they have dated whites, Hispanics, and Asians.

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There are substantial differences by age in approval of interracial dating.Your information is transmitted via encryption between you and payment system.We never see your credit card or personal information.One half of the sample, which included larger numbers of blacks and Hispanics than in a typical poll, was asked about a .

The poll finds 75% of Americans approving of a white man dating a black woman, and 71% approving of a black man dating a white woman. The distinction between the race of the man and woman makes little difference for blacks and Hispanics, but appears to affect whites' approval of interracial dating to a small degree.Hispanics are twice as likely to say they have dated a white (64%) than a black (34%), and only 19% of Hispanics have dated an Asian.Whites are slightly more likely to say they have dated a Hispanic (29%) than a black (24%) or an Asian (18%).Black men (64%) are significantly more likely to say they have dated a nonblack than are black women (42%).