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The focused window is the window that contains the focus owner.A focus cycle (or focus traversal cycle) is a set of components that share a common ancestor in the containment hierarchy.A component can also be given the focus programmatically, such as when its containing frame or dialog-box is made visible.This code snippet shows how to give a particular component the focus every time the window gains the focus: //Create the component that will have the initial focus.The Control key is used by convention to move the focus out of any component that treats Tab in a special way, such as .

FORWARD_TRAVERSAL_KEYS, new Forward Keys); Tab shifts the focus in the forward direction.

Many components – even those primarily operated with the mouse, such as buttons – can be operated with the keyboard.

For a key press to affect a component, the component must have the keyboard focus.

If you want more details, see the specification for the Focus Subsystem.

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A common requirement of GUI design is a component that restricts the user's input — for example, a text field that allows only numeric input in decimal format (money, for example) or a text field that allows only 5 digits for a zip code.

On some operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, the front window usually becomes the focused window.

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