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Set out below is the University's code of practice on data protection, which accords with the Data Protection Act and takes into account the codes of practice published periodically by the Office of the Information Commissioner. The first, covered in paragraphs 1-49, constitutes a statement of general policy, which includes an indication of the University's obligations under the Act.The second section, covered in paragraphs 50-66, provides brief guidance notes for staff in connection with handling personal data. The University needs to process certain information about its employees, students and other individuals, examples of which are set out in paragraph 6 below and in Appendix I to this code of practice.Online grooming can take place via chat rooms, instant messaging (IM), social networking sites, on line gaming and email and can involve a child or young person being asked to: Online grooming can happen to both boys and girls, of any age, and whatever their sexuality and no matter where they’re from or what their cultural background is.Even something that seems like normal teenage behaviour could be a sign that a child is being exploited.On occasion, checks will be made with the Disclosure and Barring Service.(There are, for example, some jobs or courses which will bring the applicants into contact with children.) Where this is relevant to the job, the University may also ask for information about particular health circumstances. As noted in paragraph 8 above, in most instances staff - and where appropriate, students - .

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Furthermore, any recorded are also personal data; and this includes both student progress reports and staff review reports. The Act covers ALL personal data processed by the University, irrespective of whether these are held by individual members of staff in their own separate files (including those held outside the University campus) or in departmental or faculty records systems or at the centre of the University. The Act distinguishes between personal data relating to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, trade union membership, health, sex life and criminal convictions.For appointments in Harrogate or York call 01904 625971 or email [email protected] For appointments in Leeds call 01302 347444 or email [email protected] Update: Free Counselling available!If you or someone you look after has been ill for a long time and you live in North Leeds, we can offer 6 free sessions of Webcam counselling. To groom someone is to prepare someone to do something sexual for the benefit of the person making contact.