Who is angie stone dating The worst chatcam rooms

17-Sep-2017 00:45

But not only did he cheat, but he allegedly cheated on Stone with a “R&B Divas” staffer!

And maybe it’ll play out on season four of “R&B Divas: Atlanta,” but it seems as though the show’s biggest scandal wasn’t even caught on film. Reportedly Stone talked about the messy affair with folks on and off the production crew. phone records) to find out the truth in her beliefs.

And he came to the door, and I opened the door, and he was twirling this toothpick around in his teeth.

And I fell on the side of the door like, ‘Okay, what’s happening to me?

Well, following the breakup, we have barely heard about him and his affairs.

“Respect yourself enough to know to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy! “Want to know if I am returning to @TVOne #RBDivas ATL??

You’ll have to stay tuned till next season,” Angie tweeted.

Moreover, Stone also found that Graves was dating five other women at the same time. Stone feels quite sad to accept that she believed his lover crazily.

However, she accumulated all of her strength to get away from the mess she was involved in. Even though they were the part of a reality show, not much focus was given to their breakup.

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