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It is therefore critical that the institutional leadership begins to enter a dialogue with its younger officers. military will become, once again, and army at dawn, losing its edge and its knowledge until a new adversary bloodily forces the reforms that so many are crying out for today. The critical thing is not to agree or disagree point by point, but to understand that there is a growing crisis of trust that the institutional leadership must address, or fail to do so at its peril.

Institutional leaders must lay out their vision, set meaningful priorities, seek to create buy-in from their officers, and address the growing and consistent chorus of concern that the U. military culture is increasingly irrational and risk averse. An Air Force officer raises this issue once again today on Small Wars Journal.

As a matter of fact, the letter has come back, purposefully copied numerous times including in 19.

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This will go on as long as the socialized guardians of the institution and the surrounding environment do not see these distortions as a true threat.It reminds me of those politicians who say they would change Washington. Likewise, reform of the military's most flawed systems - the personnel and procurement systems - seemingly never happen.Placing these two examples - Washington and the military - side by side invites the obvious observation that the military doesn't change because the personnel and procurement systems are controlled by the politicians in the form of law and Congressional appropriations, approvals, and appointments.While this is very true, this does not completely absolve senior military officers of their culpability in the shortcomings of the system.