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He sinks to new sloughs of despond after he delivers a speech at the 1925 British Empire Exhibition; it’s so nervous and jolting it can’t help but, to our ears, prefigure the end of empire. One comes from Down Under, the other is accustomed to looking down at people as they bow before him.

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The actor announced in December he was suing the newspaper over its reporting of the actress’s complaint over what the theatre company described in a statement as “inappropriate behaviour”.The court heard the actor followed her into the female toilets at the after-party on the final night of the STC's performance of the Shakespeare classic and stood outside her cubicle until she told him to "F ... Upon application by Dauid Sibtain, representing Fairfax Media and Channel 9, Justice Michael Wigney said fears that releasing details of the defence case could further damage Rush's reputation were outweighed by the need for open justice.For the first time the extent of the allegations against Rush can now be revealed.During the party for cast and crew Rush "entered the female bathroom located in the foyer of the Rosyln Packer Theatre, knowing (Norvill) was in there, and stood outside a cubicle" that she was in. The Daily Telegraph argues it had more information about the Rush allegations at the time of publication but did not include them in its ­reports.

This included an allegation that Rush had touched Norvill on the genitals.The defence document stated: "that a complaint had been made to the STC by the complainant (Norvill) in substance that the Applicant (Rush) had touched her genitals during the production of King Lear without her consent." The Judge reserved his decision on Mr Mc Hugh's application to strike out large parts of The Daily Telegraph's defence including the entirety of its truth defence.Justice Wigney also reserved his decision on Rush's application to stop the issuing of a subpoena by Nationwide News on the Sydney Theatre Company for documents relating to the alleged complaint.His father, King George V (Michael Gambon), is an emotional despot who mistakes chiding for medicine.